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Prayer is central to the life of our church and to the lives of the people who make up our community. We believe that God speaks to us in times of prayer. While it is always important to make all our requests made know to God, we believe it is even more important to allow God to make requests know to us in times of prayer. We encourage a regular discipline of daily devotional prayer for all our friends and members, and when we gather as a community for worship our prayers of the people and other times of corporate prayer are crucially important to us. When we gather as Ministry Teams, fellowship groups, or for any other occasion, we always begin our time together with sharing and prayer, and we end our time holding hands as a family and reciting the Lord’s Prayer together. As a congregational church that is governed by communal discernment, we must always be listening for the voice of Jesus Christ in our midst. We believe that divine conversation is facilitated in times of prayer, therefore, prayer is a discipline we are always seeking to cultivate.

Thanksgiving Food Gathering
Roofing Clean Up Crew
UCC Roofing a Shelter in Norwell
Saying The Lord's Prayer
Christmas Concert 2016
Concert Section View 2016
Sanctuary Choir 2016
Cherub Chimes 2016
Bell Choir 2016 Concert
UCC Building with Habitat in Duxbury