Adult Christian Education

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Our congregation believes that learning to be disciples is an essential part of answering our call to be ministers to the world. Courses appealing to individuals wherever they may be on their faith journeys (focusing on biblical studies, Christian theology and history, and religion, reflection and discipleship) are developed and facilitated by both staff and members of the congregation. While most classes are held on Sundays immediately preceding worship, concurrent with Church School Programs; some are held on weekdays or evenings. All are welcome from any community.

Sunday mornings 9:00-945am
Beyond Sunday Morning: This group will explore Christian parenting.  We will discuss how we can talk to our child(ren) about God, reinforce Church School lessons at home, and help them develop a spiritual life beyond their Sunday morning church experience.  This group will meet downstairs in Room 1, concurrently with our Children's Church School.  If you would like more information, please email:

Wednesday morning Bible study group meets from 9:30 to 11:00am upstairs in the library. 

Thursday afternoon at Linden Ponds in Hingham, 4:00-5:00pm:  We also hold a Bible Study at Linden Ponds in the Oakleaf Clubhouse Music Room.


Following are examples of prior years' classes:

Learn about "Equal Exchange" and "Fair Trade" programs.  Our church uses Equal Exchange coffee and tea.  We hope you will attend this educational offering to learn the importance of these programs.
October through December  - selected individuals will share their faith journey stories.  This time of sharing, entitled From There to Here, will provide a venue for hearing some of the varied journeys folks have taken to arrive where they are in their life of faith today. 

Wednesday evening book study in the library.  The group will study Morning Sun on a White Piano:  Simple Pleasures and the Sacramental Life by Dr. Robin R. Meyers.  This book study will be led by Rev. John Brink, a UCC Norwell church member, and a former pastor at the UCC Dennis Union Church on the Cape. The book cost is $15.00.  

Parenting in the Pew and De-mystifying Church School

Cathy Benedict and Matt Hawk, facilitators

Illuminated Manuscripts - Peggy O'Neil Files, facilitator
Read the weekly Alpha to Omega: Jesus Edition ("A2O") devotional scripture, choose a verse, and “illuminate it” with an illustration.

Lenten Music - Karen Harvey, facilitator

The Jesus Diaries - Rev. Deb Spratley, facilitator

Reflecting at Half Time - At various times in our lives, unexpected events, a friend’s remark, a book, or a challenging question compels us to step back and ponder the choices we’ve made and the direction in which we’re headed. We can treat it like “half-time” in a sporting event where we actually step back, reflect on the first “half” of our life, explore what we need to learn from it, and decide: “What do I want to do with the rest of my life, where do I feel I am being led, and what might constitute a new direction that would energize me and more effectively use my gifts and my talents?”

On That Day, Everybody Ate: A Journey of Faith and Action in Haiti 

Short Fiction on Faith - Dig deeply into a wide range of short stories, exploring faith-related themes through close reading and discussion of the texts. Where's the Grace? Short Stories of Flannery O'Connor challenged readers to find moments of grace in the seemingly hard stories of a Southern Renaissance fiction writer, facilitated by a congregation member with who wrote her master's thesis on O'Connor. 

Faithful Financial Fasting - You are invited to participate in a financial fast for Lent. To participate, you will be encouraged to put away your credit cards and only purchase necessities (food, medicines, etc.) during Lent. The group will explore the importance of structuring a financial plan that meets your needs as well as reflects your values. In addition, the group will discuss the pressure to over-consume and the value of staying within your means and setting goals.

The Congregational Way - Read and discuss The Congregational Way, which illuminates the religious and democratic principles that make us distinctive among faith traditions, helped pioneer Massachusetts, and helped transform America.

 Hymns for Everyone - A music appreciation course created and facilitated by members of the Music ministry team.

Lenten Arrangement
God's Doors Are Open To All
God's Doors Are Open To All
Orlando Shooting Remembrance
Recycling some artwork to represent inclusion
Thanksgiving Food Gathering
Roofing Clean Up Crew
UCC Roofing a Shelter in Norwell