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Daily Devotional Archives

Jul 2020

Title Verse

Table Manners

Luke 14:1-14

Dinner with Jesus

Luke 14:1-24

Love and Lament

Luke 13:31-35, 19:41-44

The Rich Fool

Luke 12:13-21

You Devil!

Luke 11:14-23

Mary and Martha

Luke 10:38-42

The Good Samaritan

Luke 10:25-37

Changing Prayer

Luke 9:28-35

Packing Light

Luke 9:1–6

Questioning the Crowds

Luke 8:4-8, 11-15

Assurance of Pardon

Luke 7:36–50

What if?

Luke 6:27-36

Do You Choose?

Luke 5:12-16

What Do You Do?

Luke 5:1-11


Luke 4:1-12

Defended by the Word

Luke 4:1-11

Heaven’s Opening

Luke 3:21-22

Growing Up Jesus

Luke 2:41-52


Luke 2:22-38

Shepherds and Angels

Luke 2:8-20

Journey to Bethlehem

Luke 2:1-6

The Annunciation

Luke 1:26-38

Zechariah’s Vision

Luke 1:5-25

No Small Roles

Mark 15:21-47

New Traditions

Mark 14:12-25

The Great Commandment

Mark 12:28-34

Pop Quiz

Mark 12:18-27

Jesus’ Triumphant Entry

Mark 11:1-11

Healing Blindness

Mark 10:46–52

The Rich Man

Mark 10:17-31


Mark 9:2-8