Daily Devotional

Sunday, October 7, 2018


…so they came and apologized to Paul and Silas. And took them out of prison and asked them to leave the city.     Acts 16:39

God’s Spirit is a Spirit of freedom. Christianity’s mission breaks bonds. Freedom stands at the heart of our faith. In this brief passage of scripture, there are at least four occasions in which freedom is offered to particular individuals. A slave girl was released from the possession of both a demon and the oppressive demands of her owners. An earthquake broke open the gates of the jail in which Paul and Silas had been imprisoned. Paul and Silas’s announcement freed the jailer from the shackles of death. And finally, Paul and Silas were publicly and apologetically released from their jail cell. Even Paul and Silas’s singing and praying within the prison testifies to the Spirit’s refusal to be caged. God creates us to be free, and God finds ways to release us when we are bound.

What binds you?

Lord, I know you have created me to be free—but free from what? Free for what? Whatever the answers are, one thing is sure . . . We are more than free to offer you our thanks. So, thank you, Lord. Thank you. In your name, I pray. AMEN.