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"What UCC Norwell Means to Me"

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Our Stewardship Ministry Team asked many members and friends of our congregation to write short statements on "What UCC Norwell Means to Me."  The entire congregation was also invited to write such statements during a church service in October.  

September 25

Growing up I had two homes: 122 Central Street and 460 Main Street.  When my parents helped found this church in 1963, I was in second grade.  Growing up, I didn't always want to leave 122 Central to come to 460 Main, but staying home was not an option in our family. . . . (read more)

September 18

We have been married 41 years and UCC Norwell members for 36 years. UCC is special to us for many reasons including the worship services, music, pastors, and treasured friendships. . . . .  (read more)   

September 11

I believe UCC Norwell helps me to be a better person and Christian.  It was because of UCC that I left a world where I did not volunteer or do much to help others.  Thirty years ago there was a call from the pulpit at UCC Norwell that led to my interest in homelessness and to South Shore Habitat for Humanity (SSHH). . . . . (read more)

September 4

It’s More Than Coffee and Punch….

It could be seven or eight (or more) years that I have been involved in Coffee Ministry.  No matter how long, I thank Lois Arnold who asked me to join her “just one Sunday a month to make, serve and clean up--it’s fun and easy,” she said with her warm smile!  She was right! . . . . (read more) 

August 28

The United Church of Christ, Norwell is a very positive addition to my life.  (Growing up in another faith it was hard to feel a part of my faith or a real participant.  I felt that my ideas were at times not valued. There were a lot of rules and regulations that did not make sense to me.  Also there were a lot of doctrines that I did not agree with.)  Now I feel more in sync with my beliefs and more able to participate in my faith. . . . (read more)

August 21

Through both its teachings from scripture and its music programs, UCC Norwell provides guidance on how to properly respond to life’s processes and challenges.  I was asked to write about the Music Ministry.  What I have found most rewarding about participating in our choir and music programs (aside from sharing with the many wonderful people involved) is the opportunity to . . . (read more)

August 14

This church means a lot to me because of the attitude and actions that I see in church and out of church. I have been coming to UCC for 12 years and, like me, the church has grown in many different ways since then. . . . . (read more)

August 7

In writing this statement, I looked at five pieces of writing I’ve done over 30 years: three Prayers of the People, a thanks­giving reflection and an overview of our church’s history done for an anniversary celebration. I found a consistency of emotions, namely, that UCC Norwell is a safe, loving, inclu­sive, trustworthy community of spiritual inquirers who have. . . . (read more)  

July 24

UCC Norwell is my church family.  It began when I was in middle school and my friends invited me to attend Youth Group each Sunday night.  My parents were not members of the church and my mother attended a different church but that didn't matter, I was accepted into the groups as I was. . . . (read more)

July 17

It's the combination of so many factors that make UCC special to me.  Everyone is genuinely supportive of one another, even people you may not really know.  While this is partly due to the amazing Ministry of Caring and the Prayer list, it goes well beyond that.  For me personally, . . . (read more)







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