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Communion Theology

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The communion table is where our faith and our theology is most fully expressed. In the breaking of bread and drinking of the cup we not only remember Jesus’ life, but also recognize Jesus’ continual presence with us. We proclaim Christ’s resurrection and his relationship to us as living Lord. This means we recognize Christ’s ability to engage us in relationship, to continue to teach us, guide us, and lead us in our walk with God.

The communion table is also a symbol of the inclusive nature of our God. During the Last Supper, Jesus invited those closest to him — his friends and students — to gather around him. Scripture tells us Jesus was aware his disciples would deny him, betray him, and desert him that very evening, and yet Jesus invited them to his table — the ultimate demonstration of God’s grace and forgiveness. Even at the point of deepest darkness and sin, Jesus welcomes us into his presence. Therefore, as followers of Jesus Christ, we must always extend that same unconditional welcome to others whom God ushers into our midst.

Our invitation to Holy Communion stands as our central theological statement, and our foundational Christian belief:

“This is the Lord’s table, so the invitation comes from Jesus Christ himself, and it is always the same. Come as you are. It does not matter where you have been or where you are going, it does not matter what you have done or what you have left undone, it does not matter if you view yourself as a success or a failure in this life. There is always room at this table for you. All you ever need to approach this table is a willingness to come forward. This is the Lord’s table, and you are invited to make it your table.”

Come as you are does not mean to stay where you are! Jesus Christ calls us into his presence as we are, so that he can lead us to who we can be. The call to the communion table is our altar call. The communion table is where you are invited to encounter the Living Christ, who welcomes you, heals you, befriends you, and leads you into a new way of living with God and with your neighbors both near and far.

Note: We serve grape juice to all (not wine), and a gluten-free option is available to those who require it.


In a culture that is quick to follow trends, polls, and celebrities, we follow Jesus.
We come as we are, so we can discover all God has created us to be.
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