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Jesus Christ

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Everyone follows someone or something. We may follow the leadings and prompting of a spouse, a parent, a friend, an employer, or a television personality. We may choose to follow our own instincts, allowing our own will and desire to be our guide. Christians, however, choose to follow Jesus Christ. Recognizing the flawed nature of our own insights and the limited counsel offered by those around us, we turn to Jesus for direction, guidance, and support. We do not believe that Jesus is the only way to a meaningful life, but we know that by following Jesus we are assured of finding our way toward truth and life now and forever.

We also trust that even before we begin looking for Jesus, Jesus has already been pursuing us as he did his first disciples with the simple invitation to “come, follow me.” We find grace in an invitation that is offered with no strings attached. Jesus doesn’t check references, he doesn’t require applications, and there are no entrance exams or background checks. The Bible is clear, the only thing you need to enter into relationship with Jesus is a desire to follow and a willingness to be changed by His presence and His love.

As it is recorded in the gospel of John, Jesus came that we might “have life and have it in abundance.” That means that where you feel lost now, in Jesus you will be found. Where you feel sorrow now, in Jesus you will find joy. Where you are broken now, in Jesus you will be made whole. And even in death, through Jesus, you will discover eternal life. That abundant life is available to each of us now when we abandon our futile attempts to chart our own course and finally respond to Jesus’ call saying, “Lord, you lead, and I will follow.” Through prayer, the study of scripture, and with the nurture of the Christian church your relationship with Jesus can be a saving grace today, tomorrow, and on into eternity.

In a culture that is quick to follow trends, polls, and celebrities, we follow Jesus.
We come as we are, so we can discover all God has created us to be.
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