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Ministry of the Laity

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Our primary mission is to help people understand that their whole lives are opportunities for ministry. The goal of the Christian life is to be a minister to the world. Additionally, we believe that God cares deeply about the institutions that people work in. To this end, we are committed to helping individual members of our church to discern their gifts and calling for ministry. When an individual truly understands their unique giftedness, and when they are able to discern where the Holy Spirit is calling them to invest those gifts in the world, that is when ministry begins.

A Personal Reflection from Dick Broholm, UCC Norwell church member

“Having my congregation tell me, in a variety of ways, that what I do in my daily work is important to the Church and of supreme importance to God, is life-changing! I now see everything I do through new eyes. How I worship, what I study, who I share with in small groups, how I manage my time, how I use my resources: everything becomes transformed. I am both challenged to look at my life and my commitments in a new way and to understand the Gospel in ever-broadening terms. This understanding also, strangely enough, deepens my commitment to my local congregation. It helps me know why our gathered life as a community of faith is essential and life-giving. In addition to changing the way I look at my workplace and its impact on the world around me, it has changed the way I look at my congregation. Instead of the church being one more competing claim on my time, energy and resources, it now stands at the center of my life, shaping the way I work and the way I see the world. I know we have a ways to go to make this visibly true for everyone. But I believe we are on a profoundly important journey of recovering the whole ministry of the Church on behalf of the whole world.”

In a culture that is quick to follow trends, polls, and celebrities, we follow Jesus.
We come as we are, so we can discover all God has created us to be.
Open and Affirming
Making Disciples
We are all gifted and called by God to be ministers to the world.
Equipping Ministers
Training Our Future Leaders
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Lenten Cross
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