XMasks are required to be worn by everyone inside our church building regardless of vaccination status.Thank you for helping us as we try to keep everyone healthy!


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Music is a vital and unique expression of praise and prayer to God and therefore an integral part of our worship.

Whether you choose to join our Music Ministry or prefer to listen from the congregation, each week we offer music that is diverse and designed to inspire, from classical music to jazz, from contemporary Christian songs to traditional hymns and anthems, accompanied by organ and/or our Steinway piano. We also enjoy and encourage music played by several instrumentalists within our congregation, as well as music played by professionals on special occasions and from time to time in weekly worship.

Each of our choirs is comprised solely of volunteers; there are no auditions. All that is required is a willing heart and a desire to make music to the glory of God. Whether you read music or not, whether you last sang or played in high school thirty years ago, or have never joined a choir or band but long to experience the fellowship and exhilaration of being in a musical ensemble, there is a place in the Music Ministry for you at UCC Norwell.

In a culture that is quick to follow trends, polls, and celebrities, we follow Jesus.
We come as we are, so we can discover all God has created us to be.
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