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Senior High Service Project

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The most significant ministry project for our youth is the annual service project. Each spring, during the April school vacation, a large group of students and leaders work in homeless shelters, food pantries, clothing banks, and other settings to support those in need. We have travelled to New York City, New Orleans, West Virginia, Connecticut, Georgia, and Washington, DC to work with Habitat for Humanity and the Youth Service Opportunities Project (YSOP).

Our students continually say that the service projects have changed their lives, opened their eyes, and strengthened their faith in Christ and his work in our lives. As one former member, who is now in college once said, "Some of my friends go to Florida, Aruba or some other warm place to get a tan, but I would much rather spend my vacation helping those who are less fortunate than I am."

The service project is an incredible bonding experience where many life-long friendships are formed.  As a result of their service project work, many of our youth also volunteer with non-profit organizations while away at college and beyond.

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