XMasks are required to be worn by everyone inside our church building regardless of vaccination status.Thank you for helping us as we try to keep everyone healthy!


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The central act of our faith community is worship. We gather to worship Sunday mornings at 10:00am during our program year (September through mid-June*) to remember God’s call to Sabbath, and to keep it holy. Whether we are joyful or weeping, struggling to get through the day or grateful for the many blessings that surround us, we gather to offer our words, prayers, and songs to God in thanksgiving for all God has done for us. Through Jesus Christ we boldly approach the table of grace confident that if we are willing to follow, the Lord will lead us to life in abundance.   

We believe it's an important part of who we are as a community to include our children in worship. We encourage parents with young children to sit in the front rows so children will be engaged visually in the service. Some of our children participate in worship as acolytes and ushers during the offering. We have Time with the Children twice a month during the worship service, where the children engage with the pastors or lay ministers to understand the word of God in a new way. We invite all children to participate in the baptisms of new members, and in the sacrament of communion. We also provide worship bags filled with activities (located on the landing before entering the sanctuary) to keep restless ones occupied. 

* In the summer (mid-June through Labor Day weekend), we worship at 9:00am.

In a culture that is quick to follow trends, polls, and celebrities, we follow Jesus.
We come as we are, so we can discover all God has created us to be.
Open and Affirming
Making Disciples
We are all gifted and called by God to be ministers to the world.
Equipping Ministers
Training Our Future Leaders
Educating Our Youth
Lenten Cross
Lenten Cross
Drawn from the Water
Lenten Hearts
Liturgical Arts Lent 2019