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Community Engagement

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UCC Norwell's Community Engagement ministry is a vehicle to extend our ministries to the people beyond the walls of our church. This is a resource to help UCC Norwell reach out to our neighbors on the South Shore and build new relationships outside our church.

UCC Norwell has a rich history of engaging in significant ministries that powerfully connect with the outside world. It is our intention that as we reach out, new people will find their way in to our community, and that they might become impassioned, as we are, to engage in ministry throughout the South Shore and the world. 

Read more about our Community Engagement ministry through the link below to our Overview. 

The Community Engagement Ministry Team meets regularly to consider requests to assist in the creation of transformative ministries on the South Shore. 

If you have questions, please contact either of the co-chairs, Jean Holley (holleytree@gmail.com) or Maggie Warshaw (beachhousebug@yahoo.com).

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