New Nursery Preschool

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The New Nursery School is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year!  Currently, there are the following openings:  one older two or young three on Tuesday/ Thursday morning, and two openings for PreK children in the morning or afternoon.  For more information, please contact Director, Danielle Biggins at or 781-659-2535.

New Nursery operates in the lower level of our church Monday through Friday, 9:00-2:45 (September through May, following the Norwell Schools calendar). New Nursery provides a warm and nurturing environment where the spirit of discovery is encouraged through activities appropriate to children’s developmental levels. Small class size and low teacher/child ratios allow children to develop socially, emotionally and intellectually in a setting where they are valued and respected as individuals.


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The daily schedule includes active and quiet indoor and outdoor play, art, dramatic play, music and creative movement, block building, sand and water play, science experiences, stories, manipulative materials, cooking, exploring, thinking, questioning, talking and laughing. Children learn to be participating members of a group and build a sense of community with the help of teachers who encourage the awareness of emotions and the responsibilities of social behavior.

Because children learn by doing, we emphasize process rather than product and problem solving rather than answer giving so that children can build self-reliance and a positive self-image.  Self help skills are encouraged therefore clothing that is child friendly is suggested. We also suggest that children come to school in clothing that can get dirty. The New Nursery School values exploratory art and outdoor play.


Lenten Arrangement
God's Doors Are Open To All
God's Doors Are Open To All
Orlando Shooting Remembrance
Recycling some artwork to represent inclusion
Thanksgiving Food Gathering
Roofing Clean Up Crew
UCC Roofing a Shelter in Norwell