In a culture that is quick to follow trends, polls, and celebrities, we follow Jesus.

Open and Affirming
Open and Affirming

We come as we are, so we can discover all God has created us to be.

Making Disciples
Making Disciples

We are students who desire to know more, so we can be more.

Equipping Ministers
Equipping Ministers

We are all gifted and called by God to be ministers to the world.

We are a Christ-centered
inclusive community
called to ministry.

Sunday Worship Times

10:00 am: Program Year
9:00 am: Summer Season

News Announcements

Sunday, May 24 is Pentecost and it is tradition to wear red to commemorate and celebrate the day.  Scripture text for Pentecost is Acts 2:1-21.  (Taken from “Pentecost is, quite literally,...
The richest way to explore how God might be working in our lives is in community Bible Study.  A Life Guide Bible Study entitled “Meeting the Spirit," will be offered by Al Vandam and Pastor Deb...
Yes!  Ironically, our Vacation Bible School (VBS) Program will have a Mt. Everest theme!  It just happens to be the perfect theme for this year - the Power of God and how our children can experience...