Saying The Lord's Prayer

In a culture that is quick to follow trends, polls, and celebrities, we follow Jesus.

Open and Affirming

All Are Welcome

Equipping Ministers
Equipping Ministers

We are all gifted and called by God to be ministers to the world.

Making Disciples

We are students who desire to know more, so we can be more.

We are a Christ-centered
inclusive community
called to ministry.

Sunday Worship Times

  9:00 am: Summer Season 
10:00 am: Program Year

News Announcements

Sunday, January 20 will be the next date for our fair trade sale of Equal Exchange products (after 10am worship service). Items for sale will include coffee, tea, olive oil, chocolate chips, several...
January 11 is National HT Awareness Day. The United Church of Christ Synod passed a resolution in 2009 that all UCC churches should hold a HT Awareness Day on the Sunday closest to January 11 (which...
Come and sing with us on the following Mondays from 2 to 3p.m. at the locations listed below. Bring your friends! The more singers, the more joy we bring to people who need it! No singing experience...
Daily Devotional

These biblical daily devotions offer ways to help enrich your devotional life and your walk with Jesus Christ.

Today's Verse: Genesis 32:22-33:20

So Jacob called the place Peniel, saying, ‘For I have seen God face to face, and yet my life is...